Summer Activities for Seniors & Elderly in Palos Verdes

With now clocks now progressed forward (or, an hour ahead), soon we will be saying goodbye to blossoming flowers and the seasonal allergies because it will then be time for summer. The sun will then be out, blazing hot and school bells will ring for no more school until the end of summer of Fall when school is back in session.

Sometimes staying indoors can get too hot or other moments you will want to be in need of a break, aka a breathe of fresh air. Here in Palos Verdes, a city just minutes away from the water, has multiple of options to choose from, especially for summertime activities that include sightseeing, whale-watching, walking, and hiking, and more for seniors and the elderly who can pick and choose what is best for them at their own pace and time:

Our caretakers take the safety and health of senior patients very seriously so will need to consult with their doctor on what is best for their health before proceeding with certain activities, especially if any heavy physical activity is involved. We are patiently waiting for you to give us a call! Feel free to do so at our own Palos Verdes branch 310-657-8780 or at our main headquarters 562-929-8400 for more information.

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